Character Guide

The Parker universe is a dense and well-populated place. Many characters recur and often their actions in one novel can be important plot points in another. To help you navigate the rich and varied world of Richard Stark, the University of Chicago Press Staff has put together this easy-to-use character guide. Characters are searchable by alignment (The Outfit, other criminals, dames, civilians, and law men) and by book. When you click on a character a short summary will be available. Any salacious details are hidden in the spoiler section for each character, which you can access by clicking on the bomb icon in an entry. If you have questions, comments, or corrections, please contact us.


Abadandi, Mike Criminal
Adler, Dr. Criminal
Albert, Joseph Criminal
Aldo Criminal
Alma Criminal Dame
Amberville, Mr. Civilian
Ambridge, Walter Criminal
Andersen, Lief Civilian
Andrews, Phil Criminal
Angelo Civilian
Angioni, Jack Criminal
Archibald, Reverend William Civilian
Armisten Criminal
Armwood Criminal
Arnold Criminal
Artie Civilian
Artie Criminal
Ashby Criminal
Balando Criminal
Bancroft, Jack Civilian
Bartlett, Mrs. Dame Civilian
Beaghler, Bob Criminal
Beaghler, Sharon Dame
Becker, Ray Law Man
Beckham, Jack Criminal
Begley Civilian
Beiny, Dr. The Outfit
Benjy Civilian
Benniggio, Alfred The Outfit
Benny Civilian
Benson, Edward Criminal
Berridge Criminal
Berridge, Norman Civilian
Bert Civilian
Billy Joe Civilian
Bleak Criminal
Blue Civilian
Bobby Criminal
Braselle, Noelle Kay Criminal Dame
Brenda Criminal Dame
Briggs Criminal
Briggs Criminal
Briley Criminal
Brock, Paul Criminal
Bronson, Arthur The Outfit
Bronson, Willa The Outfit Dame
Bruhl, Steven Criminal
Buck Criminal
Bud Criminal
Buenadella, Louis “Dutch” The Outfit
Burrows, Fred Civilian
Bursar, Ms. Dame Civilian
Buster Criminal
Cahill, Susan Dame
Calavecci, Lew Law Man
Calesian, Harold Law Man
Caliato The Outfit
Callochio, Fred Law Man
Campbell, Betty Dame Civilian
Canaday, Ellen “Ellie” Marie Dame
Captain Greene Law Man
Captain Henley Civilian
Carew, George Civilian
Carey, Mr. Law Man
Carlow, Mike Criminal
Carlson, Hal Criminal
Carmody, Tom Criminal
Carpenter, Tommy Criminal
Carter, Frederick The Outfit
Cassidy, Hopalong Law Man
Cathman, Hilliard Civilian
Catlett Law Man
Chaka, Tony The Outfit
Chalmers, Sidney Criminal
Chambers Criminal
Chemy Criminal
Chester Criminal
Chi, Koh Civilian
Clagg, Elvis Civilian
Claire Criminal Dame
Clayton, Bob Criminal
Clendon, Miriam Hope Dame Civilian
Clinger, Ray Criminal
Corbett, Harry Criminal
Crystal The Outfit Dame
Daask, Jock Criminal
Dalesia, Grace Dame Civilian
Dalesia, Nick Criminal
Dane, Barri Dame
Dant, Ed Criminal
Davis, William Law Man
Dawson, Angela “Angie” The Outfit Dame
Dean, Marty Law Man
Deegan, George Civilian
Deegan, Mary Dame Civilian
Delgardo, Jimmy The Outfit
Delgardo, Manuel Civilian
Dempsey Criminal
Dennison, Cal Criminal
Dennison, Cory Criminal
Dennison, Judy Dame Civilian
Dent Criminal
Devereaux, Matt Civilian
Devers, Stan Criminal
Dolan, Bob Criminal
Dolnick, George Civilian
Donna Dame
Dougherty, William Law Man
Ducasse, Fred Criminal
Duckbundy, James Law Man
Dulare, Ernest The Outfit
Dumek Law Man
Dunstan, Paul Civilian Law Man
Ed Civilian
Ed The Outfit
Eddie Civilian
Edelman, Samuel Civilian
Edgars Criminal
Eldon Criminal
Elise Dame Civilian
Elkins, Frank Criminal
Elkins, Mrs. Dame Civilian
Ellis, Roger Law Man
Elly Civilian
Elwood Law Man
England, Mr. Law Man
Ernie Criminal
Estrella Dame Civilian
Ethel Dame
Evanston, Max Civilian
Fairfax, Justin Criminal
Faran, Frankie The Outfit
Farley, Jack Law Man
Farrell, Eleanor Dame Civilian
Farrell, George Civilian
Feccio, Arnie Criminal
Felder, Jim Law Man
Fletcher Criminal
Floyd Law Man
Flynn, Zack Criminal
Fortemusca, Bara Criminal
Fox, Joe Civilian
Fox, Maurice Criminal
Fox, Maurice Criminal
Frank Criminal
Franny Civilian
Fred The Outfit
Fred Criminal
Freedman, Henry Civilian
Freedman, J. A. Civilian
Freedman, Jerome Civilian
Freedman, Muriel Dame Civilian
French, Jack Criminal
Fritz, Helena Stockworth Dame Civilian
Fusco, Ellen Dame
Fusco, Marty Criminal
Fusco, Pamela Civilian
Garrison, Daniel Civilian
Gene Civilian
George Civilian
George Civilian
George The Outfit
George Criminal
George Civilian
George Civilian
Gilbert, Suzanne Dame
Gladys Dame Civilian
Gliffe, Bernard Civilian
Gloria Dame Civilian
Godden, Dr. Fred Criminal
Goma, General Enfehr Civilian
Gonor Criminal
Goody Criminal
Gowan Criminal
Greg Civilian
Grenholz, Brad Civilian
Griffith Criminal
Griffith, Horace Criminal
Grofield, Alan Criminal
Grofield, Mary Dame
Gross, Mavis Dame
Gruber Criminal
Habib Civilian
Hanks, Marv The Outfit
Hanzen, Greg Criminal
Harbin Criminal
Harcourt, Pete Civilian
Hardawl, Bob “Captain Bob” Civilian
Hargetty, Rafe Criminal
Harold The Outfit
Harrow, Elizabeth “Bett” Ruth Dame
Harrow, Ralph Civilian
Harry Civilian
Haskell, Fred The Outfit
Haye Criminal
Hayes, Bert Law Man
Hayes, Marie Dame Civilian
Heenan Criminal
Helen Dame Civilian
Helga Dame Civilian
Hembridge, Arthur Criminal
Hembridge, Joyce Dame
Henry, Bill Civilian
Herby Criminal
Higgins Law Man
Hoby Civilian
Hochberg, Ralph Criminal
Hochstein, Mr. Civilian
Hochstein, Mrs. Civilian
Hoffman, Fred Civilian
Hopwood, Brian Civilian
Horgan, John “Jack” Civilian
Hoskins, Will Criminal
Howell, Marshall Criminal
Humboldt The Outfit
Hurley Criminal
Hurley, Tom Criminal
Irma The Outfit Dame
Jack Civilian
Jacko Civilian
Jackson Law Man
Janey Dame
Jean Dame
Jeddings Civilian
Jeff Law Man
Jelinek, Walter Criminal
Jensen Criminal
Jerry Civilian
Jessup Criminal
Jim Civilian
Jim Civilian
Jimmy Civilian
Johanson, Bill Civilian
Johnny Criminal
Johnson-Ross, Darlene Dame
Judge Civilian
June Dame Civilian
Kabell, Marty Criminal
Kapor Civilian
Karns, Walter The Outfit
Kasempa, Albert Criminal
Kasempa, Lucille Criminal Dame
Kasempa, Morton Criminal
Kasempa, Patrick Criminal
Kasempa, Ralph Criminal
Kastor, Smiles Criminal
Keane, Evelyne Criminal Dame
Keegan Criminal
Keenan, Roy Civilian Law Man
Keller, Marty The Outfit
Kellman, Woody Criminal
Kelway, Stanley Civilian
Kengle, Jake Criminal
Kent Civilian
Kerwin Criminal
Kifka, Dan Criminal
Kilamski, Edwin Civilian
Kirk, Fred Civilian
Kirwan Criminal
Klee, Amos Criminal Law Man
Kobler Criminal
Kolaski, Phil Criminal
Kotkind, Morton Civilian
Kwai, Kim Toe Criminal
Langer, Joyce Dame
Langren, Elaine Criminal Dame
Langren, Jack Civilian
Lanz, Jerry Civilian
LaPointe, Arnie Criminal
LaRenne, Eric The Outfit
Larris The Outfit
Laufman Criminal
Lavenstein, Edward “Beau” Civilian
Lawson, James Criminal
Lebotard, Billy Criminal
Leffler, Andrew Civilian
Leffler, Maureen Dame Civilian
Legrand, Charles Civilian
Lempke Criminal
Lennie Civilian
Leon Criminal
Li, Jonathan Civilian
Linda Criminal Dame
Lindahl, Tom Criminal
Liss, George Criminal
Littlefield Criminal
Lloyd, Larry Criminal
Localzo, Sandra Criminal Dame Law Man
Loomis, Rita Dame Civilian
Lorraine Civilian
Louise Civilian
Lozini, Adolf The Outfit
Lubudi, Colonel Joseph Civilian
Mackenzie, Christine “Tina” Dame
Mackenzie, Gerald Civilian
Mackenzie, Leslie Dame
Mackey, Ed Criminal
Macready Law Man
Madame Irina Dame Civilian
Madchen, Dr. Myron Criminal
Madchen, Ellen Dame Civilian
Madge Dame
Mainzer, Otto Criminal
Major Indindu Civilian
Manando, William Criminal
Manchester, Greg Civilian
Manny Criminal
March The Outfit
Maria Dame Civilian
Marino, Paxton Criminal
Marten, Aaron Criminal
Marty The Outfit
Mary Beth Dame Civilian
Maryenne Dame
Mason, Al Law Man
Masters, Zulf Criminal
Maureen Dame Civilian
Maury The Outfit
May Dame
McKay, Handy Criminal
McWhitney, Nelson Criminal
Meany Law Man
Meany, Frank Criminal
Melander Criminal
Menlo, Auguste Criminal
Menner, Jake The Outfit
Metcalf, Howard Civilian
Metcalf, Kim Dame Civilian
Michaelson Criminal
Mike Criminal
Mobley, Chris Law Man
Modale, Robert Law Man
Monica Dame Civilian
Moran, Isabelle Dame Civilian
Morey Civilian
Morris Criminal
Mott Criminal
Moxon, Roy Law Man
Mrs. Kimberley Dame Civilian
Mulcany, Terry Civilian
Neevin, Dori Dame
Negli, Little Bob Criminal
Neiman Law Man
Nettleton Civilian
Nolan Civilian
Norm Criminal
Norte, Julius Criminal
Novato, Sergeant Civilian
O’Hara, Joe Criminal Law Man
Oleski, Danny Law Man
Oliver Civilian
Ormont, Chester Criminal
Orr, Jack Civilian
Parker Criminal
Parker, Lynn Dame
Parnell, Fred Criminal
Paulus Criminal
Pearl Dame
Pearson, Lewis Criminal
Pearson, Madge Dame
Pelzer, Ben The Outfit
Peters, Linda Dame Civilian
Phil The Outfit
Phillips, Pop Criminal
Post, Merriweather Civilian
Powell, Bill Civilian
Pressbury, Hal Civilian
Progressi, Howie Criminal
Pulsone, Artie The Outfit
Quill, Jack The Outfit
Quilley, Dr. Civilian
Quilp, Robert “Bob” Criminal
Quindero, Mary Dame
Quindero, Ralph Criminal
Quinttner Criminal
Ramey Law Man
Randall, Ronald Civilian
Rapleyea, David Civilian
Rawburton, Louise Dame Law Man
Ray, Jack Civilian
Rayborn, Dr. Larry D. Civilian
Reese Law Man
Regan Law Man
Rembek, Jason Law Man
Renard Criminal
Resnick, Mal Criminal
Reversa, Gwen Dame Law Man
Ricks, Alfred Civilian
Ridgely, Barry Civilian
Rifkin, Angela Dame
Rifkin, Nick The Outfit
Rigno The Outfit
Riley, John Edward “Jack” Civilian
Robbins, Kazimierz Criminal
Rogers, Wendy Dame Civilian
Rose Dame Civilian
Rose Leigh Criminal Dame
Rosenstein, Matt Criminal
Ross Criminal
Ross, Jerry Criminal
Rudd, Pete Criminal
Rudi Criminal
Ruth Dame Civilian
Ryan Criminal
Salsa Criminal
Sam Civilian
Sammy Civilian
Samuels, Rhonda Dame
Saugherty, Angela Dame Civilian
Saugherty, Bob Civilian
Saugherty, Ed Civilian
Saugherty, Pam Dame Civilian
Schroder, Frank The Outfit
Schuyler, Pat Civilian
Scofe Criminal
Scoppo, Anthony Civilian
Scorbi Criminal
Semmell, Mike The Outfit
Sheer, Joe Criminal
Shelly, Ray Criminal
Sherman, Jacob Civilian
Shields, Rosemary Dame Civilian
Sidd, Oscar Criminal
Sill Criminal
Simms, Elaine Dame
Simms, Nathan The Outfit
Simons, Laurel Dame Civilian
Simons, Loretta Dame Civilian
Skimm Criminal
Slade, Frank The Outfit
Smith Civilian
Snyder, Donald Civilian
Snyder, Donald Civilian
Spannick Criminal
St. Clair, Jim The Outfit
St. Cloud, Roger Criminal
Stegman, Arthur Criminal
Stern, Clint Criminal
Sternberg, Lou Criminal
Steuber Criminal
Stevenson, Ronald “RG” Civilian
Stewart, Robert Civilian
Stockton, Bill Criminal
Stokes Criminal
Stoper, Clara Dame
Strand, Artie The Outfit
Stratton Criminal
Stubbs Criminal
Studworth, Emily Dame Civilian
Susanna Dame Civilian
Taliamaze The Outfit
Thiemann, Fred Criminal
Thiemann, Jane Dame
Thorsen, Dwayne Civilian
Tiftus, Adolphe Criminal
Tim Civilian
Toomey Law Man
Trash, Jerry The Outfit
Trooper Oskott Law Man
Trowbridge, Bill Civilian
Turley Law Man
Twill, George Civilian
Uhl, George Criminal
Vavrina Criminal
Vernon Civilian
von Altstein, “Baron” Wolfgang Friedrich Kastelbein Criminal
Wain, Alfred The Outfit
Walheim, George Criminal
Walters, John “Jack” W. The Outfit
Wash, Dr. Civilian
Webb, Philly Criminal
Weiss, Benny Criminal
Weiss, Grace Dame
Wells, Charles F. Criminal
Wheeler, Eddie Civilian
Wheeler, Fred Civilian
Wilcoxen Civilian
William Civilian
Williams, Brandon Criminal
Willy Civilian
Wilma Civilian
Winkle, Fred The Outfit
Winnick Law Man
Wiss, Bobby Civilian
Wiss, Jason Civilian
Wiss, Ralph Criminal
Wormley, Lieutenant Civilian
Wycza, Dan Criminal
Wymerpaugh Criminal
Yancy The Outfit
Yard, Gilma Criminal Dame
Young, Alice Prester Dame Civilian
Young, Jack Civilian
Younger, Captain Abner L. Criminal